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School Case Studies



Alongside our performance work we have built an enviable reputation for delivering an excellent participatory programme at our studio in Leamington Spa, throughout the UK and across the globe.

We deliver a wide range of teaching and training projects for students and young professionals in schools and in the wider community, focusing on skills development and creativity. Our teaching is accessible and inspiring and we place great emphasis on a sense of achievement for all participants. 

We offer a range of resources for all ages and abilities and frequently create the opportunity to develop creative work for performance. With ‘Perfect’ on the GCSE syllabus we regularly deliver a number of workshops across the UK, supporting students and teachers in their understanding and practise of our work.

Here are just a few examples of what the schools we have worked with say about us...


Esher Church of England High School, Surrey

Motionhouse dancer and practitioner Claire Benson, led a full day workshop with the GCSE students at Esher Church of England High School. Teacher Jess Richards said:

‘From working as a dance moderator I have noticed the influence and impact of Motionhouse workshops on student choreography and performance. Students demonstrate complex and creative lift and contact work and have a real understanding of how to transition between movement. Motionhouse workshops allow for all students to access more challenging movement and develop creative ideas for choreography. The workshops are well delivered and create a safe environment where students are happy to perform and share their ideas.

I will definitely have Motionhouse back in next year.’

Jess Richards, Dance Coordinator, PE Teacher & Head of House


Telford Infant School, Cubbington, Warwickshire

By working directly with the needs of the school and its curriculum, Motionhouse tailor made a bespoke project that lasted a whole year. Each year group had one session a week per term and by the end they enjoyed sharing a short performance piece. The teachers had a CPD session which was aimed at building confidence in teaching dance. It was paid for with the PES premium funding allowance.

Head Teacher Sian Oustayiannis said: ‘It has been a pleasure to work with Motionhouse this year; the children and adults at Telford have learnt so much from you and have lots of fun along the way.’


What the teachers said about the classes:

‘It has given me a bank of ideas but more significantly it has given me the confidence to give things a go.’

‘It helped me think of how I could use these ideas in other subjects too.’


What the children said:

 ‘I was happy because I was proud of what I did.’

‘It was fun.’

‘I was sad because I wanted it to carry on.’


Warwick School, Warwickshire

Having delivered a variety of different projects at this prestigious all boys independent upper School, Motionhouse have enjoyed developing their relationship and seeing the confidence of the students grow. 

Head of Drama at the school Mike Perry said:‘Warwick School is delighted to be working closely with Motionhouse, a company whose work we have long admired. The expertise, passion and creativity from every practitioner is inspirational for our students, many of whom are new to the art form, but all are energised and motivated to develop as expressive dancers in their own right. 

Each session is conducted as if the students were professionals, yet huge levels of support and encouragement are forthcoming at all times and consequently rapid progress is possible. I am enjoying seeing the focus and control of our young dancers developing with each workshop and performance experience, of which they are rightly very proud.

Perhaps helped by the fact that we are local, there is a sense that Motionhouse values the relationship with us highly – and we look forward to continuing and developing our fledgling dancers safe in the knowledge we could be working with a more caring or innovative company.’